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Medical Resorts

Based on our own experience – we can recommend the World’s Best and most popular balneological destinations where people take a therapeutic geo-thermal treatments under medical supervision.  By the way, balneology is the science of the therapeutic use of natural thermal waters or natural thermal mud pools.

Natural Thermal Mineral Waters, Hot Mineral Mud, Sousing Therapeutic Massages, Natural Healthy Food and Individual Therapeutic Treatments - all awaiting you there"

 All patients undergo Physician's evaluation first - then individual therapeutic treatments are prescribed and administered under strict medical supervision.


"Natural Geo-Thermal Medical Resorts .....
                             ...... to heal Your body and soul”

People of the ancient world knew that bubbling mineral waters and mud pools are good for body and spirit. And there is nothing better for soothing your pain than immersing your body in the hot, thermal waters or thermal mud pools! In our modern world there are Professional Geo-thermal Resorts that offer many Medical/Wellness Clinics and Therapeutic Services.  

Treat yourself to a long awaited rejuvenation......
                  ......You owe this to your body and to your mind!


"Natural Hot Springs, Mineral Hot Mud and Water - heal your body and soul"



World’s Best Geo-Thermal
Medical Resorts

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